Jim brings many colorful and unique experiences. He has sold over 500 homes in his 44 year career. Jim served as Branch Manager for a prominent local real estate office where he oversaw over 100 agents and staff and was responsible for hundreds of transactions.    

  1975-1977 Licensed real estate agent for the Quadrant Corporation Bellevue, WA                                                     

  1977-1981 Atkins & Associates in West Seattle

  1981–2004 West Seattle's Cayce & Gain Realty

  2000 Branch Manager for Prudential Northwest Realty's Jefferson Square     

      (Cayce & Gain became Prudential NW in 1996)                                                                                        

  2005-2012 Windermere Real Estate West Seattle

   2012-2018 RSVP Real Estate

   2018 Joined John L Scott/Westwood